Country Size

Myanmar is Southeast Asia's largest country, at a size of 678,500 square km, sharing borders with China, Laos and Thailand in the east, and Bangladesh and India in the north. Myanmar has a 2,832 km seaboard with the Indian Ocean to the west and south.

Capital City NayPyiTaw
Time Zone GMT+06:30 (Yangon/Rangoon)
Country Code +95
Main Language Myanmar


Kyat is pronounced like the English word 'chat'. Kyat (Kt) is made up of 100 pyas. Kt. 100,000 is known as a lakh, and Kt 10 million as a crore. Currency notes come in the following denominations: K 10,000,5,000,1,000, 500, 200, 100,90, 50, 45, 20, 15, 10, 5, 1 and coins 100, 50, 10, 5, 1 and Pya 50.

Credit Card/Banking

The few ATMs around the country cannot be used by international customers to access money. Credit cards, debit cards and travellers' cheques are rarely accepted (if at all). Ensure you have enough US Dollars, in pristine condition to fund the entire duration of your stay; US Dollars with the letters AB and CB at the start of the serial number (top left-hand corner of note) are not always accepted, including those with pen marks, folds or tears.

Mobile Phone

International GSM roaming is not available in Myanmar. Visitors may rent a mobile phone (chargeable) upon arrival in Myanmar.


Widely practised, in addition to service charges being added to hotel and restaurant bills.

International Airport

Primary International Airport : Yangon International Airport (RGN). Secondary International Airport : Mandalay International Airport (MDL).

Gazetted Holiday

January 1 Kayin New Year only
January 4 Independnace Day
Feruary 12 Union Day
March 2 Peasant's Day
March 15 Fullmoon Day of DaPaung
March 27 Armed Forces Day
April 12 New Year/Public Holiday
April 13 Thingyan Festival/Public Holiday
April 14 Thingyan Festival/Public Holiday
April 15 Thingyan Festival/Public Holiday
April 16 Thingyan Festival/Public Holiday
April 17 Myanmar New Year/Public Holiday
April 18 New Year/Public Holiday
April 19 New Year/Public Holiday
April 20 New Year/Public Holiday
April 21 New Year/Public Holiday
May 1 World Workers Day
May 13 Fullmoon Day of KaSon
July 11 Fullmoon Day of WarSo
July 19 Martyr's Day
October 8 Fullmoon Day of ThaDinKyut
November 6 Fullmoon Day of TaZaungMone
November 16 National Day
December 25 Christmas Day